Repair of engines KAMAZ

Repair of engines KAMAZ

Overhaul and current repair of engines for KAMAZ vehicles. Repair D-740 E0, E2, E3, and other modifications.

For your power unit will perform grinding of the crankshaft, piston replacement,

repair of fuel equipment and attachments. The warranty on the work performed between 6 to 12 months.

Repair work is carried out with the use of components as a performer and the customer.

You can give your engine for repair only pay the cost of repair work!

Supplements made upon work performed, taking into account the cost of spare parts and accessories!

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Engine Repair D-740 for KAMAZ

Engine Repair D-740 for KAMAZ

Perform major and minor repairs of engines for KAMAZ:- D-740 and their modifications.Replacing the p..

$ 864

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